PAcrAm coating aliquot
CHF 30.00 CHF 30.00 30.0 CHF
Contains 0.1 mg of lyophilised PAcrAm-multimodal binding polymer. This material is used as an antifouling coating. Store at -20°C.
FluidFM Pneumatic Connector
CHF 190.00 CHF 190.00 190.0 CHF
Connector to interface FluidFM probes with the FluidFM microfluidics control system.
FluidFM Nanosyringe
CHF 175.00 CHF 175.00 175.0 CHF
600 nm aperture. Enables gentle injection into or extraction from a single cell.
FluidFM Micropipette
CHF 175.00 CHF 175.00 175.0 CHF
Circular, flat aperture. Ideal to reversibly immobilize individual cells and objects of different sizes.
FluidFM Nanopipette
CHF 175.00 CHF 175.00 175.0 CHF
300 nm aperture. Ideal for localized dispensing of liquids.