FluidFM® probes


Consumables for the FluidFM BOT BIO Series & FluidFM AFM Series.

The ideal probe for your application

FluidFM probes are available in a broad variety of tip shapes, aperture sizes and mechanical specifications - get the ideal probe for every experiment.

 FluidFM nanosyringe

  • The sharp apex of the FluidFM nanosyringe enables gentle probe insertion into a cell. Inject into or extract from the cytoplasm or nucleus.

  • 600 nm aperture diameter
  • - Injection into single cells
    - Extraction from single cells
    - Nano-printing

  • Pyramidal side aperture
  • 2.2 N/m spring constant 

 FluidFM nanopipette

  • The FluidFM nanopipette has with 300 nm the smallest aperture in our standard probes range. It is ideal for localized dispensing of liquids.

  • 300 nm aperture diameter
  • - Single microbe force spectroscopy
    - Nano-printing
    - Sub-µm exchangeable colloidal probe

  • Pyramidal top circular aperture
  • 0.6 N/m, 2.0 N/m spring constants available

 FluidFM micropipette

  • The FluidFM micropipette exists with 2, 4 and 8 µm apertures, ideal to reversibly immobilize individual cells and objects of different sizes.

  • 2 , 4, 8 µm aperture diameters available
  • - Cell isolation
    - Single cell force spectroscopy
    - Exchangeable colloidal probe
    - Micro-printing
  • Flat circular aperture
  • 0.3 N/m, 1.0 N/m, 2.0 N/m, 4.0 N/m
    spring constants available

You didn't find the probe you need?

Make your own specific aperture using focused ion beam.


FluidFM probe technology

CRISPR-Cas complexes direct delivery - Straight-forward multiplex & stack editing

Cross-section of a FluidFM cantilever revealing the inner microchannel.

Patented hollow cantilever technology

Our hollow FluidFM probes with apertures down to 300 nm allow to simultaneously sense interaction forces down to pN and to dispense or aspirate femtoliter volumes. 

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Precise liquid handling

  • Control volumes down to the femtoliter scale

  • Precise pressure control with 0.1 mBar resolution

  • Broad pressure range -800 to +1000 mbar

  • Work with compounds with differing molecular weights and densities

  • Any liquid with viscosities ranging from 1 to 10000 cP (water to honey) 

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Convenient & ergonomic

Ready to use

Our probes all come glued on a convenient adaptor tailored to your system and are ready to be filled and used for your experiment.
FluidFM probes are available for the FluidFM BOT BIO Series system and selected AFM systems:

Get started within minutes

Consumables have been designed with usability in mind.

Fill the reservoir with the desired solution, connect the probe to your AFM system - or place it into the probe holder in case of the FluidFM BOT BIO Series system - fill the microchannel by applying a small positive pressure and the system is ready to be used. 

High quality . Full control.

Pushing boundaries of microfabrication

Our unique microfabrication method ensures reliable and consistent probe quality down to the nanometer scale.

CRISPR-Cas complexes direct delivery - Straight-forward multiplex & stack editing

FluidFM cantilever dimensions. 

Know exactly what your probe looks like

FluidFM probes are pre-assembled and individually wrapped in a tailor-made hermetically sealed blister package. The QR-code printed on the package gives convenient access to all relevant probe characteristics, most importantly to a unique SEM image of each individual FluidFM probe taken during our quality control process. You can see exactly how your probe opening looks.