Working with the World's Smallest Syringe.

SINGLE CELL Injection 


FluidFM Single Cell Injection.

With FluidFM, the world’s smallest syringe, single cell injection is easy. Change a single cell within a culture and study the cascade effect on its surroundings.

Single cell injection enables targeted introduction of foreign materials into a specific cell. Stimulating selected cells within a colony with your desired drugs or gene vectors provides new insights for life science, biology and medicine. 

Choose FluidFM injection as a strong addition to your experimental portfolio.

FluidFM Single Cell Injection Cell Membrane Penetration










Fast And Reliable.

During an injection with FluidFM, the inherent force feedback protects both the cell and the FluidFM probe. Thus, all injections are successful and cells survive the operation unharmed. 

A single probe can inject hundreds of cells per day in an automated process. Simply click on a cell and watch the injection under the microscope. This provides high throughput and makes injection both easy and repeatable.


Simplified Working Methods.

Highly automated workflows and our intuitive monitoring software support users in every step of their experiment.

The user selects a cell by simply clicking it, based on fluorescent, morphological, or mechanical markers. While monitoring the force, the FluidFM probe approaches the cell and penetrates its membrane. The substance of choice is then injected via a short pressure pulse, and the FluidFM probe retracts again.


Single Cell Injection : Cardiomyocyte injected via FluidFM

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