FluidFM® User Conference - Network and learn to GO BEYOND.

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Zurich / Glattbrugg | February  7, 2019

The first FluidFM User Conference organized by Cytosurge has been a complete success – this was the feedback of our attendees. From Thursday, 31st January, to Friday, 1st February 2019, more than 50 FluidFM users, researchers and partners from around the globe gathered at ETH Hönggerberg in Zurich to showcase their results, gain insights, network and profit from common solutions and approaches.

During the two-day event, research results covering all FluidFM platforms (FluidFM ADD-ON’s, FluidFM BOT system, FluidFM µ3Dprinter) and diverse applications were presented by acknowledged speakers from research and industry to a community that was eager to learn in order to GO BEYOND. More than half of the attendees also attended a company tour which included the CellBio, 3DP and IT research and development laboratories, as well as our new operations wing that has ample space for inspection, assembly, quality control and logistics. The new level 5 clean room environment is a further step towards highest quality of FluidFM probes and products.

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Now, we are looking back to two days full of great exchange, learning, networking and good food. Many thanks to our sponsors who have contributed to this successful event: Olympus as Platinum sponsor, JPK BioAFM Center as Gold sponsor and Nanosurf as Silver sponsor. We would like to thank especially our Platinum sponsor Olympus, who has sponsored the exclusive conference apéro and dinner at the eCHo restaurant in the Marriott hotel. The apéro was not only useful to network and strengthen the FluidFM community, but also to give a small foretaste of the subsequent delicious dinner with typical Swiss dishes. :)

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With this conference, we also celebrated the 10th anniversary of our FluidFM technology which was developed at ETH Zurich. The wealth and breadth of topics presented by the speakers highlighted the significant results that the FluidFM community has already achieved and also outlined the newest trends in FluidFM-related research. The future is looking very bright indeed and the next FluidFM User Conference is coming for sure!

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About FluidFM® technology

FluidFM was developed at ETH Zurich and was first commercialized in 2009 by Cytosurge AG, founded as an ETH spin-off. Since a decade, more than 50 scientific papers have mentioned FluidFM technology. FluidFM is cutting edge and unique:

  • Unimaginably small hollow probes:
    Apertures as small as 300 nm enable more than 12 applications such as colloidal studies, single cell adhesion & nano-injection.

  • Incredibly precise:
    Nano-injection of proteins, CRISPR Cas complexes, RNAs and plasmids directly into the nucleus of adherent cells – in a non-destructive and measurable manner.

  • Amazingly flexible:
    Combine nano-injection with cell isolation and nano-printing to design totally new research approaches such as building neural networks.

  • Pinpoint accurate microscopic additive manufacturing:
    Print 3D metal objects at the micrometer scale onto existing structures with pinpoint (micrometer) accuracy.

About Cytosurge AG

Founded in 2009, Cytosurge AG successfully develops, manufactures and distributes state-of-the-art nanotechnology solutions based on its patented FluidFM® technology.  

Whether via the FluidFM ADD-ON, a powerful upgrade solution for AFMs, the FluidFM BOT, a fully integrated system for cell research, or via the award-winning FluidFM μ3Dprinter for 3D metal printing at the micrometer scale, Cytosurge provides leading-edge solutions to those who want to go beyond current technological boundaries. 



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