Since its invention, our FluidFM technology has enabled a community of more than 100 labs to go beyond conventional technological boundaries in cell biology, nanotechnology and biophysics. Our hollow FluidFM probes with apertures down to 300 nm enable novel applications; from improved CRISPR gene editing, fast single cell force spectroscopy, to precise single cell isolation and versatile nanoprinting - FluidFM opens a world of unprecedented possibilities for scientists around the globe. 

We are driven by our common goal to enhance societal health and well-being by accelerating science through our unique solutions. J oin our team and make your contribution to significantly promote our cutting-edge technology throughout the world!

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Innovative Spirit

Innovation is part of our DNA. It is the foundation of our technology and our success as a company. We are pushing things further than one can imagine.

Motivated Team

Great work can only be accomplished through teamwork. The combined passion and motivation of every team member is the fuel to achieve our goals. 

Flexible Working Hours

We believe you know best when you are most productive. For this reason, we do not have fixed working times.

Great Work-Life Balance

We believe work-life balance is crucial to work productively over a long time. Therefore we encourage our employees to take care of their work-life balance.

25 Days Vacation

Take a break when you need it most. Our employees enjoy 5 weeks of vacation and at Christmas, we give you 3 additional days off.

Close to Public Transport

Located in Glattbrugg, our office is just a 2 min walk away from all public transit Zurich has to offer. Tram, Bus, S-Bahn, Airport. We've got it all.


Aim for great customer experience

Listening to our customers to understand their needs and problems is the source for our business drive. We aim to offer a great customer experience in all we do. 

Innovate & evolve

We think outside the box and embrace innovation. We take responsibility in the things we do and are not afraid of doing mistakes. We evolve continuously.

Trust each other

We give each other the autonomy & freedom to be awesome at what we do. If a mistake happens, we don't blame, we help each other.

Execute fast

We are committed to fast execution. Having a ‘MVP’ mindset, we do less but faster and make it perfect in the long-term. Agile and lean.

Keep things simple

Adding complexity is easy, keeping things simple is hard. We are dedicated to keep things simple to maintain agility and efficiency.

Think long-term

We keep track of of our ultimate goals and assess if an action will support us in the long-term, balancing short- and long-term thinking.

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