Digital FluidFM User Conference 2020

September 16,  09:30 – 12:00 (UTC +2)

Image from the first FluidFM User Conference 2019

Network & learn to GO BEYOND.

Following the great success of last year’s event (impressions), we are organising the FluidFM User Conference in 2020 again, except that this year it will be in a digital format due to Covid-19. The FluidFM User Conference gives current and future FluidFM users, from around the world and across all FluidFM platforms, the opportunity to exchange and discuss FluidFM-related research results and procedures, learn, network and GO BEYOND.

Host: Pablo Dörig, Cytosurge AG

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FluidFM Community

Our aim is to strengthen the community, allow you to network and thus accelerate your research with FluidFM. We will organize application-specific round tables during which you can digitally meet and exchange with other FluidFM users.

FluidFM-Related Scientific Talks

Diverse FluidFM-related talks in three scientific sessions: "From nano- to microprinting", "Mechanobiology at the single cell level" and "Subcellular manipulation & omics". Check the agenda here.

Biophysics, Lifesciences, Nano-printing & More

The conference will cover all key FluidFM applications but also gives room to showcase new developments.

FluidFM AFM Series, FluidFM BOT BIO Series

We will host a FluidFM User Conference across all available FluidFM platforms. Gain insights from other fields, profit from common solutions and approaches.

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