FluidFM: a new approach to CRISPR gene editing (webinar with demo)

Webinar organized together Ramcon showing you how to overcome with FluidFM one of the biggest challenges in gene editing:
direct delivery of reagents into the nucleus.

With traditional delivery methods, such as lipofection or electroporation, the success of CRISPR-Cas mediated gene editing is often suboptimal. Conventional methods deliver the reagents indirectly through the cytoplasm to the nucleus leading to poor cell viability and low transfection efficiency rates.

Furthermore, precision editing by Homology Directed Repair (HDR), occurs at even lower ratios. This is especially critical when working with rare or hard-to-transfect cells such as iPSCs, neurons or cardiomyocytes, making genome editing tedious.

This webinar shows how the FluidFM BOT BIO Series overcomes these limitations by direct delivery into the nucleus.

Organized by:
Bent Svanholm, Sales Manager and
Petra Miikkulainen, Product Specialist, Ramcon A/S

Presented by:
Dr. Paul Monnier, Field Application Scientist and
Dr. Maria Milla Astals, Life Sciences Application Scientist, Cytosurge AG

Webinar recording:

Improve your gene editing now with FluidFM.

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