Single Cell Sorting with FluidFM
Isolate adherent or suspended cells.
19 January, 2016 by
Single Cell Sorting with FluidFM
Pablo Doerig

Dr. Guillaume-Gentil from the Lab of Prof. Julia Vorholt (IMB, ETH Zurich) demonstrated how FluidFM technology can be used to selectively detach single cells out of a confluent cell layer. With a localized trypsin shower the cell is separated from its neighbors and then picked up by the FluidFM probe. 

A simplified protocol could be applied to isolate suspended cells. This protocol also works for micro-organisms such as yeast or bacteria and is described in the following publication:

Isolation of Single Mammalian Cells from Adherent Cultures by O. Guillaume-Gentil et al., Lab on a Chip, 2, 2014  

Step 1 - Chose your target cell.

Using various methods, identify the cell you would like to isolate and indicate tag it using the aiming tool of the FluidFM Arya software. 

Step 2 - Shower with trypsin.

Engage with the chosen cell in order to isolate it from the adherent culture. A localized trypsin shower slowly detaches the chosen cell from the surface.

Step 3 - Pick your cell.

The cell can now be gently picked up with the FluidFM probe and placed into a target container of your choice such as a multi-well plate.

Single Cell Sorting with FluidFM
Pablo Doerig
19 January, 2016
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