Watch the presentation from Dr. Paul Monnier:

FluidFM: A new approach to CRISPR editing

Works with any cargo &
adherent cell type

For cargos such as mRNA, CRISPR and gRNA. Ideal for rare and hard-to-transfect cells.

Easy generation of clones in < 3 weeks with one instrument

1. Direct intra-nuclear delivery 2. Isolation of specific cells directly from the culture 3. Expansion of the isolated cell

Straight-forward multiplex 
& stack editing

Deliver 100's of different gRNAs at the same time. Inject different cocktails at different time points.

Listen to the well received talk from Dr. Paul Monnier, Field Application Scientist on how our patented hollow probe FluidFM technology could significantly improve CRISPR research:

Odoo • Text and Image

A presentation from Genome Editing Congress in Boston showing you how to overcome with FluidFM technology one of the biggest challenges in gene editing: direct delivery of reagents into the nucleus.



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